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How to Play the Game of College Workshop and Book

Every student will have the opportunity to attend Dr. Boyd's "How to Play the Game of College Master Class." This workshop is designed to be interactive and engaging, providing valuable insights into navigating the college experience successfully. Furthermore, each student will receive a physical copy of the accompanying book, ensuring they have a valuable resource at their disposal as they embark on their college journey.

Unleash Your Resilience:  Mental Health Workshop

Step into a realm of self-discovery and empowerment with our "Unleash Your Resilience: Crazy Mental Health Workshop." In this innovative session, students embark on a transformative journey to unravel the intricacies of mental well-being and emphasize the importance of cultivating a strong and resilient mindset.

Goal Setting Workshop

Join Dr Boyd for an engaging and transformative 60-minute workshop designed to ignite a sense of purpose and direction in your academic journey! The "Empower Your Future: Goal Setting Workshop" is a dynamic session where students will embark on an interactive exploration of setting both personal and academic goals.

NPHC Divine Nine Leadership Workshop

Join Dr. Boyd  for a transformative experience at the, where leaders and members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council come together to enhance their skills, exchange ideas, and strengthen their commitment to leadership excellence. This workshop is designed to empower members of the Divine Nine organizations to lead with purpose, integrity, and innovation.

CommuniCraft: A Symphony of Student Communication Skills

Elevate your academic journey with our "Mastering Student Communication Skills Workshop," a dynamic session designed to empower you with the essential tools for effective communication with peers and professors. In this engaging workshop, students will delve into the art of communication, honing skills that go beyond the classroom to enhance collaboration, understanding, and academic success.

Man Up: Navigating the College Scene for Men of Color

Embarking on the college journey as a man of color comes with unique challenges and opportunities. The "Man Up" workshop is designed to empower young men of color in navigating the complexities of college life, fostering personal growth, and building a supportive community. This dynamic workshop provides a safe and engaging space for participants to share experiences, gain insights, and develop strategies for success.

Can We Just Get Along?

Tailored for student leaders, this workshop focuses on fostering unity, effective communication, and a culture of constructive collaboration within teams. Gain insights and practical skills to navigate conflicts and create a harmonious environment.

Public Narrative Workshop: Leadership, Storytelling, and Action

Dr. Shawn Boyd, recently certified as a Coach from Harvard, in an immersive workshop designed to enhance your leadership skills through the transformative power of public narrative. This groundbreaking program empowers individuals to strengthen their capacity to lead by mastering the art of storytelling and action.

Time Management Workshop

Learn effective time management strategies to optimize your academic and personal life. This workshop will equip you with practical skills to balance responsibilities, meet deadlines, and enhance overall productivity. *More workshops are available, and each workshop is tailored to fit your group needs. Tailored exercises can be included to address the specific time management needs of your group.

Career Planning Workshop

Explore strategic approaches to plan and shape your career path. This workshop provides insights into identifying career goals, developing skills, and making informed decisions for a successful and fulfilling professional journey. Customizable sessions can focus on industry-specific career pathways relevant to your group's interests.

Interview Tips Workshop

Prepare for success in job interviews with our comprehensive workshop on interview tips. Gain valuable insights into effective communication, presentation skills, and strategies to showcase your strengths during interviews. Tailored mock interview sessions can be arranged to address specific industries or job positions of interest to your group.

Cultivating Cultural Humility in Aspiring Teachers

In an increasingly diverse educational landscape, aspiring teachers play a pivotal role in creating inclusive and culturally responsive classrooms. The "Cultivating Cultural Humility" workshop is designed to empower educators with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to navigate and celebrate the rich tapestry of student backgrounds. This interactive session aims to foster cultural humility—a lifelong commitment to self-reflection, learning, and respect for diverse perspectives. . Customized activities and discussions can be integrated to align with the unique educational settings and challenges your group may encounter.

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